Monday, July 15, 2013


Thankful the boys are in bed & the house is quiet for the first time I know everyone says these times "fly" by, but sometimes these days can drag on & on & on.

It was another one of "those" days.  I guess we are going for some sort of wildly unreasonable record?  Any who there were points in the day when I was like "Really" are we going there?  A tantrum. How original.  Do I really need to get frustrated over this...oops to late.  Must be the summer heat or the kids who are running low on sleep or the fact that I had an epiphany that I am too hard on my eldest so then of course the day is shot with all kinds of opportunities of refinement.

Dinner didn't work.  It was something I could make it my sleep & it didn'  This I realized at 6 pm.  Husband was working late & mama & her kiddos were hungry. One was crying in the living room "!"  (I think we have a future drama star on our hands.)  So, when a tiny person suggested we go get McDonald's I was surprisingly quick to agree.  Now, it isn't that we don't eat out ever we just try not to & if we do we try not to do fast food.  Mostly it is all budget related, but hey, the elder tiny person turns 5 1/2 tomorrow so how better to celebrate then with a cardboard box full of grease & plastic?!  Couldn't find their shoes. Didn't care. Went without.  Decided to use the drive-thru.  At said drive-thru happy meal fell to the ground in the hand-off between 16-year-old sweet girl & myself.  The frizzy & flustered mama.  Once we returned home with retrieved happy meal, minus a few fries, my soda spilled out over the entire table.  Kiddos were much too engrossed in their grease & plastic to do much more than scream about their drinks & now would their chocolate milk spill as well?  FYI.  That wasn't helpful.  Like not really at all.

Shortly after soda was cleaned up & all other drinks were accounted for I said that I wanted a do-over.  Then I had to explain what  do-over meant.  Then I had to answer if I meant an entire day do-over or just a dinner do-over or what?  Specifics were needed & I was getting pretty sure I shouldn't have muttered the whole do-over portion aloud when suddenly my eldest said "But, if we had a do-over we wouldn't have these happy meals."  So true wise one.  Not that I am all that excited about the meal, but I do love that he looked for the brightest spot of his day & noted that he would miss it if it hadn't been there.  How many days do I pass though wishing that it was over or that it hadn't happened at all. How many do-overs do I crave for?  What would happen if instead of tallying up all the moments of "couldn't have gotten any worse" I instead reflected back on my day to find that one bright spot.  And if the day was really that horrific with the tiny people & there are no bright spots to be found perhaps at least I could find a glimmer?  A twinkle?  A glimpse?  Not gonna lie not sure if all days have the a twinkle in them or not, but I don't  imagine any harm would come from searching for one.

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