Wednesday, June 12, 2013

the beginning.

At the beginning of the year I had decided not to go the resolution route which I was sure to fail on within the first 30 days (not being a downer just speaking from personal experience) that instead I would focus on a word for the year.  A word to think about, talk about, pray about.  A word that would personify my year.  It would guide me & propel me in my decision making & planning.  The word I decided on after much deliberation was Pioneer.  It suited me as I was & still am in the midst of  a lot of transition & new seasons (hey, more on that later we just met after all) & I really liked the idea of putting myself out there spritually, physically, with loving others more genuinly & in my parenting.

Thus far my list of new or 1st time experiences is still on the short side, but hey it's only May June so I have plenty of time.  All this to say the other day I posted a status on my Facebook page something about feeding my boys kale is so good for them it trumps the times I yell at them or bypass sweeping the crumbs that live on my kitchen floor.  In the comments someone said:

"You should write a parenting blog.  I always love reading your posts!"

So here we are.  Madcap Mama starting a parenting blog with the only qualifications being um... I am a parent.  Not an A+ parent, but a fly by the seat of my pants, trying to figure this out while not yelling very much & making sure my boys eat their veggies.  This blog is uncharted territory for me therefore becoming #10 on my list.  Don't judge I was upfront with the fact my list was on the shorter side.  What do you expect when #1 on the list was played Bunco?!  I will say that things got a little more interesting by #6 when I had my first cross-fit workout.  I even peed my pants a little when doing burpees so I figure that must help with the wow factor.

Any who,  no idea how/if anyone will ever find this blog & read it, but I don't think pioneers always did what they did in order to make the way for others.  I think sometimes they just needed to see what was on the other side of that bluff, to carve out something new & to initiate it for their family & I am really hoping that my wagon makes it over the river without breaking a wheel.

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